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Bluegreen and White Tourmaline and Sterling Silver Necklace by Zach Wright

Zach Wright

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Bluegreen and White Tourmaline Necklace
Zach Wright 
Bluegreen and white tourmaline set in sterling silver with a gold fill bail. 

21.5" Sterling SIlver Chain with Sterling Silver lobster clasp.
Pendant measures 1.5"long x .25"wide


Get to Know the Austin Artist:
As a young child, I would always come home with my pockets filled with rocks. That hasn’t changed.
I’ve always thought it to be magical how the earth creates these beautiful specimens and hides them for us to find.
The majority of my jewelry features natural gems and minerals, which is my true passion. I try to shy away from intricate designs because I feel they take away from the natural beauty of the stone. Mother nature is a talented artist whose work often speaks for itself. I want my jewelry to be like an elegant picture frame, and so I focus on minimalism. I hand-pick all of the stones that I
use. A lot of them I have dug myself, straight out of the dirt. Recently, for example, I went to the Hallelujah Junction, Nevada mine and excavated a bunch of quartz and smokey quartz crystal. I also buy rough material from mom-and-pop rock shops locally and from different parts of the country. I like to support those other small businesses that are trying to make it in the gem collecting world. I then cut and polish the stones by hand. There is a lot of love that is put into each piece. Everything that I make is one-of-a-kind.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review