Crown Ring by Nina Berenato

Nina Berenato

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Crown Ring

Nina Berenato

Austin Tx Artist

14K Gold - plated 10 times thicker than the industry standard!

The crown represents power, glory, immortality, royalty and sovereignty. From the earliest times, it has served as a reward of prowess and a sign of honor. Wear this crown as a reminder that you are a Queen - deserving of honor.

Nina has left this ring open in the back so that it can be adjusted between sizes if needed.


This ring is inspired by the adornments worn by the Sirens of Greek mythology. Sirens are always shown wearing a crown, which is rooted in the story that Hera, queen of the gods, persuaded the Sirens to enter a singing contest with the Muses. The Muses won the competition and then plucked out all of the Sirens' feathers and made crowns out of them. Out of their anguish from losing the competition, the Sirens turned white and fell into the sea, where they formed the islands.


Each and every piece of Nina Berenato Jewelry is handmade by Nina in her Austin, TX studio.

- Your jewelry is made with 100% recycled metals that are recycled and refined at United Metals, America’s largest environmentally-friendly refinery. 

- Nina Berenato’s gold plating is applied 10x thicker than the industry standard and guaranteed for life! If it ever starts to come off in a way that bothers you, just exchange it on the spot in-store, or mail it to my store and I will send back a replacement for free.

- Everything that Nina makes is hypoallergenic. She NEVER uses nickel in any of our jewelry and my designs are safe for even the most sensitive skin.


- As a final step, Nina applies a protective coat on all of the jewelry so it’s ok to get wet, come in contact with lotions and perfumes, or even be in the pool.


Get to Know the Austin Artist:

After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at University of Missouri, Nina Berenato moved to New York and through a stroke of luck, met a jewelry designer who was seeking a production metal smithing apprentice. Nina began her first year of apprenticeship under Elizabeth Knight in 2010, but ended up working under the well-known Brooklyn-based designer for the next five years.


Through the advice of a free business adviser at the NYC Small Business Association, in 2015 Nina moved to Austin, TX and turned her focus to brick and mortar retail. After noticing the food truck culture around Texas, Nina decided to create a one of a kind mobile jewelry store built inside of a 1959 Airstream Bambi travel trailer. 


Two years later, Nina reached a life-long goal and opened up her 1900 sq ft brick and mortar flagship store, recently named Best Jewelry Store in Austin. At the Nina Berenato flagship you'll find Nina's original designs uniquely displayed, the work of other local female artists featured, a one-of-a-kind metal smithing studio buzzing - as classes and workshops take place each week, and most important of all, Nina at her bench, still producing each and every piece of the collection herself.


Most recently, Nina turned her focus to teaching as a way to continue sharing her passion for American-made manufacturing and small business mentorship. In 2020 she completed her Women’s Entrepreneurship Certification through Cornell University and taught her signature method to over 400 aspiring jewelry designers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review