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Dive Bar Earrings by EVENMADE


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Product Overview

Dive Bar Earrings


Stacy Frankel

Polymer clay & metallic foils

Surgical steel ear wires

~1.75”long x .5”w


Get to Know the Austin Tx & Florida Artist:

Stacy creates clay and metallic foil earrings adopting an ancient Japanese metalworking technique once used to adorn samurai swords called mokume-gane (pronounced moh-kuh-may gah-nay) which fuses layers of material into unique wood grain patterns.  EVENMADE is inspired by STEVEN, the artist's late father , who lovingly supported and believed in all of Stacy's creative endeavors.  Steven kicked off Stacy’s Austin adventure and together they spent time soaking in the rich welcoming culture that makes this city so delightfully weird.  After losing her father, who was a source of love and light, jewelry making became meditative therapy for this artist to build herself back up through self-expression.  Stacy loves using clay as her medium for its tactile and forgiving nature where imperfections can be celebrated.  Every pair of earrings is intended to impart strength and confidence.  Let these lightweight pieces of wearable art be a reminder that there is beauty within us that deserves to be loved!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review