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Endurance Print by Lauren Hua

Lauren Hua

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Product Overview

Lauren Hua
16” x 16” paper print - embellished
Signed & limited print of 50

Ginkgo leaves, often used in Japanese art, symbolizes longevity and profound endurance. Four ginkgo trees survived the bombing of Hiroshima and are still around today. The gray washed clouds and ginkgo leaves celebrate nature, while the gold is meant to imbue a sense of timelessness and resolve, joined to give you a sense of endurance.

Was your attention caught by the eye-catching gold? It's gold foil! Metallic Foils are near impossible to print because of the nature of metallics. Metallics are beautiful because they reflect light back to the viewer. Metallic foils are so eye-catching because they do this to a higher degree because they are actually very thin metal. Prints and ink lack this ability. This print has been embellished by hand. When an artist “embellishes” a print, it means that they have added something extra, something special  to that particular print. Embellishing can be adding a layer of paint, texture, or foil. This then turns a photocopied print into something  truly unique. In essence, an embellished print is an “original” piece of art of its own!


Get to Know the Austin Artist:

I draw inspiration from the perfectly symmetrical asymmetry in life and the world around me.  It’s one of the reasons why I embrace the freedom of the abstract realm. There is the freedom in it that allows for spontaneity and mistakes.

Above all, I am an avid believer that beauty should be experienced at every possible moment, whether that is found in the perfect latte, a breathtaking view, or a stolen kiss. I strive to create art that communicates that belief, one that does not shock and awe, but gives the viewer a muted joy, peace and contentment that can be experienced everyday.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review