Fullness 2 by Sylvia Troconis

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Fullness 2

Sylvia Troconis

Mixed media - Assembly on wood, acrylics, crayon, pastel

24” x 24” x 4”


When we see the world, we can see a lot of empty space. However, this is really not true, if you think about how everything matters then nothing is really empty. Air is a gas and so It is composed of atoms. In this piece I wanted to represent the atom conglomeration in all the spaces we think are empty.


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Get to Know the Austin Artist: 

My entire process has a recurring theme: To Discover. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a kid during adulthood; to be a child while keeping our adult skills in reason and understanding; to keep a child’s sense of wonder while being conscious of our own sense of amazement. In all my line of work, I use a theme that interests me, study it, and then develop some of the concepts into my visual proposal. My intention is to amaze viewers and make them curious about a subject, whether it is scientific or historic. My goal is to engage spectators with a concept that leaves them wanting to learn more and spread the word.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review