Let’s Go Get a Snowcone : Blueberry by Hallie Rae Ward

Hallie Rae Ward

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Product Overview

Let’s Go Get a Snowcone : Blueberry
Hallie Rae Ward
Pipe cleaners, pom poms, wood, metal sheet, metallic paint, & spray paint,
and an accompanying poem.
12” x 6” x 5”
4.5” x 3.5” x 1” - poem

Artwork will be available to go to it’s new home after the  7th of October 2022.

Let’s Go Get a Snowcone!

Simple and sweet,
A time for you and me
To have some summer fun.
We shall enjoy this brightly colored treat,
While laughing at our colorful tongues.
Which flavor do you want to eat?
You can mix and match
There’s a flavor for everyone.
Soft, juicy, & icy cool,
It hits the spot,
And gives me playful fuel!
Smiling from ear to ear,
Full of happiness and full of cheer!
It’s the simple things in life
That can bring us together,
Being in the moment,
And enjoy being right here.



This series celebrates playfulness and sweetness as icons in people’s lives. Whether people are in the concrete jungle or mother nature’s jungle, you can find people playing a game and enjoying some sort of treat, something special. These aspects of life that seem light weight contribute to people’s happiness and positive outlook on life. Play improves one’s mental, physical and emotional health. Eating something sweet is a reward and releases brain chemicals like serotonin that make us feel good. Of course, everything in moderation, but It is important to feel good and to treat yourself with play and something sweet. 

In this case, I chose the fun experience of getting a snow cone. I grew up getting snow cones with friends and family and always cherished those moments.


Classical POP! - Artist Statement

As an artist and creative entrepreneur, it is enriching to dive into our master artist ancestors through museums and media to witness the development of art practices and ideas throughout history. I soak it all in because knowledge and awareness is power and leads to endless possibilities.  

When I think of the phrase, “Classical POP!”, I interpret it as my version of being a person who is influenced by the lessons and greatness of the past, while evolving and creating something new and true in the present, all leading me to grow in the future. 

I create with the freedom of staying true to myself, what is meaningful to me, what I want to share with the world, and how I want to contribute and connect with people. I am Classical POP!

This collection of work is my interpretation of POP ART. When this time period was born, it challenged the more traditional processes of creating art and used popular culture and icons as images that were relatable and recognizable to the masses. 

The definition of popular culture is "culture based on the tastes of ordinary people rather than an educated elite." In my case, I am changing the typical use of the word and using it as the popular culture within the psychological and physical aspects of the human race and our environments that connect us all.

As I explore the icons of the human experience with each other, with one’s self, and our connection with nature through these four series, ICONS of CONNECTION, ESSENTIAL ENERGIES, NATURE’S FLOW, and PLAYFUL & SWEET, I invite the viewer to engage, connect, and reflect on this new definition of popular culture.


***Shipping in the continental US is $100, we use a highly qualified art shipper. A custom box is built for the art & insured. Please contact us if you have any questions about the art and/or shipping.


Get to Know the Austin Artist:

My name is Hallie Rae Ward. I am a visual art artist who creates Pure Art and a design line called HRW Designs. I am also the Art Business Director at Art for the People Gallery. My life is Positively Poppin’ and therefore my art has the same vibe! I intentionally move through life with creativity, activity, love, and drive. My energy is vibrant which is a combination of being artistic, athletic, outgoing, passionate, and lover of nature and beings.



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