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Majestic by Minden Ten Eyck

Minden Ten Eyck

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Minden Ten Eyck
Acrylic, modeling medium and canvas on wood
18”h x 24"w x 1.5"d

The basis for this painting are two pieces of deconstructed painting consisting of acrylic paint, modeling medium and canvas (and those pieces are mounted on a wood canvas and surrounded by a shimmery pearlescent white acrylic paint). From the deconstruction (actual tearing of canvas), mountains appeared, as they often do, unintentionally in my work. The intention to transform one abstract painting into another did not materialize - mountains emerged instead. I believe the appearance of mountains and natural forms in my work is partly due to growing in Colorado, and also to my strong connection with nature, regardless of location.

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Get to Know the Austin Artist:
Hello! I am an abstract acrylic artist based out of Austin, Texas. Inspired by natural forms and materials, my artwork incorporates 3D texture and metallic pigments and often features the appearance of natural formations and elements (like mountains), which are derived unintentionally/subconsciously. I take an intuitive, spontaneous and visceral approach to my work. I am deeply moved by abstract work and am inspired by the way abstraction allows me to convey myself instinctively. I also appreciate how abstract work expresses the seemingly incommunicable. I hope my work stirs emotions and imagination in others.
I am also a photographer and teach afterschool art classes at T.A. Brown and Wooten Elementary Schools.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review