On the Wings of Promise by KintsugiGrace®

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On the Wings of Promise


Acrylic and metal leaf on a natural Lightning Whelk seashell, box with logo

5” x 4” x 3.5”



 A One of a kind art piece inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi* This art shell, once home to sea life, heralds the treasure of a promise and the hope it brings.

*Kintsugi – The Japanese Art of repairing broken things with gold. The brokenness is not hidden or glossed over, but rather embraced and highlighted, celebrating the idea that it is more beautiful for the journey.


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Get to Know the Texas Artist of KintsugiGrace:

Painter, photographer, dancer, gardener, lover of nature and all things that bring wholeness, I am drawn to the art of Kintsugi and the message that value is found in the lived life. That with the touch of Grace, broken places are mended and can become even more beautiful.  There is value in the journey and those rough places can teach us and add beauty to our story if we allow them.


During the winter break of 2017, my daughter gathered shells with the intent of writing encouraging notes inside the shells and placing them around campus during finals. I never imagined when I sat down to paint those shells that it would turn into a life philosophy.

As I studied the shells trying to determine how to paint them, I began to see the shells in a different way. Once painted, they were transformed, becoming more than they were before.  About this same time I watched a video by Nerdwriter explaining the art and philosophy of Kintsugi: there is no attempt to hide a repair, but the object is made stronger and more precious because of it.

This beautiful concept expressed what I had been attempting to do.  As I added the gold paint, central to Kintsugi, it sealed the shell and completed the transformation.  It made the bold declaration that this object, once damaged and discarded, had its beauty and value restored like a touch of Grace. And thus the name was formed. What I call ‘KintsugiGrace™’- the art of restoring value to the broken.

The art of Kintsugi presents an idea so different from the ideals of our current media culture. In Kintsugi, the beauty in the imperfect is highlighted rather than hidden in shame. Repairing an object reveals the deep love the owner has for the creation; it is too precious to throw away, regardless of the damage. Pieces of pottery become even more impressive and intriguing with the golden repair of Kintsugi.  Reflecting on this while looking at life circumstances helped me embrace the idea that pieces of my life, however imperfect, can have a beauty when Grace has had a hand in the repair.

There is dignity in the journey and those broken places can teach us and add beauty to our story if we join them with Grace.  I’ve painted quite a few more shells since that time. Both my art and my philosophy have become more refined over this period of time.  My goal has become to showcase this idea of ‘redemptive beauty’, what I call KintsugiGrace™.


May Grace Abound


(No reviews yet) Write a Review