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Onyx Bracelet by VIBE


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is a protective and grounding stone said to enhance intuition, instinct & self confidence. Onyx is beneficial for those having difficulty concentrating or focusing attention by releasing worries that consume your mind allowing you to feel at ease in your current state. Onyx opens better flow of positive energies, allowing you to feel lighter, more vibrant and energetic. It also banishes old habits, facilitating being master of your own destiny.


Hold your stone. Set your intention. Attune to your stone & "vibe" with it. Wear it with love as a reminder of your intention.


O N Y X + Silk

RUBY +  Silk Bracelet

Sustainably handcrafted with natural gemstones and silk.       

Each one is:

*adjustable up to 8.5 inches around

*100% metal-free

*soft and strong

*great for layering

*showcased on our signature Vibe card containing gemstone meaning

*excellent for gifting and mindfully designed and made with love & good vibes in Austin, Texas.


Get to Know the Austin Artist: Elizabeth with Vibe

Vibe is...

one-of-a-kind, mindfully handcrafted bracelets. Made with carefully-curated natural gemstones & silk. Each one is hand-knotted and adjustable to approximately 8.5" long. Every bracelet comes on a beautiful custom card, handcrafted from fine sustainable papers & containing the meaning of the featured gemstone.

Vibe is...

made with love in Austin, Texas and available around the globe.

And most importantly,

Vibe is...LOVE.

Born from a love of nature, gemstones, simplicity and connection, Vibe continues to thrive on these things. From the design to the creation to the connection with you, it all begins and ends with LOVE! Thank you for being here. If you connect with these thoughts, please share the love! <3


(No reviews yet) Write a Review