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Puppy Butts! by Bern Abplanalp

Bern Abplanalp

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Puppy Butts!

Bern Abplanalp

Oil on canvas board

8”h x 6" w


My wife and I enjoy fostering dogs, especially mom’s and their puppies. That experience has taught me a few things about rescue pups. First, they know it and they show it – if you haven’t had this experience, you’re missing out. Second, nothing beats watching puppies explore the world as they try to play with everything and everyone they meet, including each other. Finally, puppy butts are just plain cute!


***Shipping in the continental US is $50, we use a highly qualified art shipper. A custom box is built for the art & insured. Please contact us if you have any questions about the art and/or shipping.


Get to Know the Austin Artist:

I picked up the creative bug years ago after realizing how much I enjoyed sketching, which started on vacation while cooped up inside waiting out a particularly long, intense rain storm. Shortly after that trip I took my first painting class at Laguna Gloria in Austin and quickly became addicted to the creative process. 


My art subjects tend to reflect my life's passions, most commonly landscapes explored while traveling with my wife, experiencing the great outdoors, or fun with our dogs. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review