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Quasi 3 by Kelly Bragg

Kelly Bragg

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Quasi 3
Kelly Bragg
Fabric, resin & acrylics on wood panel
36”h x 48”w x 2”d or 48”h x 36”w x 2”d
Artwork can be hung vertically or horizontally

 This is a style that I developed within an art block stage that I was in recently. I'm so used to making geode art, and I love them! Equally, I have always wanted something that was exclusive to my shop. Stumbling upon this feels like that.
The title "quasi" was repeated from the first piece I created in this style and is numbered as the 3rd piece within the ever-growing collection that is to come.
Alternating puffy, stuffed fabric squares next to flat, shiny resin squares are all placed imperfectly perfect and separated by a detailed gold grid. The sides are made to match, puffy squares and all!The "ombre" faded effect within the resin squares from sage to white is a soothing and intriguing addition. Pink, neutral and dark grey are included in the print minimally.  

***Shipping in the continental US is $400, we use a highly qualified art shipper. A custom box is built for the art & insured. Please contact us if you have any questions about the art and/or shipping. 

Get to Know the Central Tx Artist:
As a life-long creative, I love any and all chances to express myself and create anew. As a young adult following her passion, I experienced many ups and downs and continue to, but am constantly reminded that I'm right where I should be. There's nothing more I want in the world to be able to create everyday. I have so many emotions, thoughts, words and questions that allow me to constantly be in a creative zone; something I'm grateful for and something I'm honored to be able to share with those around me. I hope you can see the essence of me within my varying styles of works



(No reviews yet) Write a Review