Salvation Soap Dispensers in Glass Bottles by Shara Funari

Ghost Pepper Glass

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Salvation Soap Dispenser

Shara Funari

Ghost Pepper Glass

Molten glass molded & cut

”h x ”w


Every household needs a dependable soap or hand sanitizer dispenser, why not shop local and spend wisely on artful glass that you can use everyday! 


Get to Know the Austin Artist: Shara Funari

Shara is our Texas native, coming up through the San Antonio glass scene via a true grit, production studio apprenticeship.  Her work represents her wide range of skill and appreciation for the material, often focusing on complex techniques for creating patterns and textures while showcasing the natural and unique qualities of glass.  Shara has also worked extensively on utilizing recycled and repurposed glass to create beautiful light fixtures and tableware



(No reviews yet) Write a Review