Spider Web Moon Earrings by Pake


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Product Overview

Spider Web Moon Earrings
Measures 3.25” long
Webs measure 1.25” wide
Handcrafted gold-fill ear wires

Laser cut brass spider webs with black spinel accents dangling under brass crescent moons on hand made gold filled ear wires.

Get to Know the Austin Artist: 
You wouldn’t think it by looking at me, but I was raised on a horse ranch in the incredibly rural Matagorda County, Texas.  From those humble roots I have traveled far and wide, being fortunate enough to graduate from Texas A&M University and to see a fair portion of this ever shrinking Earth.   It is from my travels that I gained a love for adornment; every culture has their own unique form.  My works are largely constructed from rarefied and vintage materials that I collect from equally unusual origins.  I amass odds and ends from antique shows, junk shops, estate sales, old warehouses, gem shows, foreign destinations, and from the natural world around us.  With each creation I attempt to give new life to antiquated styles and materials.    I strive to create unique pieces which embolden and empower those who  wear them, bits and baubles that are little pieces of armor imparting confidence  and splendor.  All of my works are one of a kind or a part of a limited series of 10 or less.  I want the individuals who wear my jewelry to understand that each piece is special and unique, not cheapened by mass production.  It is just me pulling it all together.  Just Pake.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review