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Sunrise, Sunset by Sarah Figueroa

Sarah Figueroa

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Sunrise, Sunset
Sarah Figueroa
Acrylic and ink on canvas
20”h x 16"w

The perpetual cycle of sunrise and sunset may be viewed as time swiftly slipping away. However each morning, the sun will rise to give us the opportunity to embrace life’s ongoing journey. As we continue on with our daily tasks and navigating life’s complexities, there’s a chance to discover meaningful moments, hope, and joy. The sun will set, marking the end of another day we were fortunate enough to experience and add to the richness of our lives.

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Get to Know the Austin Artist:
I’m an acrylic and ink artist who sometimes dabbles in other mediums. I live in the Austin, Texas area with my husband, two kids, two dogs and one bearded dragon. I’ve always enjoyed artistic projects but I find that I desperately need a creative outlet in hard, stressful, or anxious times. Immersing myself in a painting balances my mind, body and soul. I enjoy the small details of my artwork the same as I do with life.  I hope that the vibrancy and patterns of my creations can inspire viewers to take the time to notice and find joy in the small, intricate, beautiful details in the world around them and in everyday life.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review