The Shimmering Not Print by Leslie Kell

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The Shimmering Not

ATX Collection

Leslie Kell

Photographic prints mounted on stained 2 inch cradles with a hand-poured resin coating

6”h x 6”w 


The Artifact collection explores the intersections of memory, reality & perceptions. It's about fragments and figments. It questions the reliability of our visions and seeks the ghost on the fringes. Beach photo was taken on Galveston Island & the dewey redbud blossoms & lone Goldfinch.


Get to Know the Austin Artist:
The artworks I create are visual journeys that begin with my photography, which is digitally composed into the patterns of my designs. As the photos are layered and manipulated into the drawings; the imagery interacts to create the highlights, shadows, contours, and textures of the artwork and a surreal environment begins to emerge. The more you look, the more you see.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review