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Wait by Andrea Muñoz Martinez

Andrea Muñoz Martinez

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Andrea Muñoz Martinez

Acrylic and gouache on board

24”h x 18”w

25”h x 18”w - framed



I recently began to insert dogs into scenes of Borderlandia, a reimagined borderland full of life and movement.  My dog, Buñuel or Buni, stands in front of a blue wall on the blue ground of a dark night.  He waits with his mouth open, meeting your gaze with bright eyes.  He is part of the energy exchanged when a border is crossed, moved or destroyed. This energy is often manifested as the anxiety and pain of crossing through the darkness of night. Dogs in Borderlandia become guardians and companions. They provide protection and guidance to border-crossers. A guardian that is with us through a very traumatic experience provides a witness to our journey, someone that knows what we have been through can also help us to heal from whatever trauma border-crossing has created. Portraits of dogs insert humor, comfort, and joy into difficult but urgent realities about the borderlands.


***Shipping in the continental US is $160, we use a highly qualified art shipper. A custom box is built for the art & insured. Please contact us if you have any questions about the art and/or shipping.


Get to Know the Austin Artist:

I am a Latina artist who paints abstract landscapes of the US-Mexico borderland, draws portraits, and makes interactive performance art. I was born and raised in Uvalde, Texas and graduated with a BFA from The University of Texas at Austin and an MFA at UC Davis.  My work can be found in the public collection at the Center for the Study of the Southwest at Texas State University.  Of my exhibition, “Dogs Heal in Borderlandia” the Robert Faires of the Austin Chronicle wrote, “For Martinez, these abstractions are not only a way for her to depict the land she calls home, but to take a space often characterized as dangerous and dark and infuse it with bright hues of joy and hope…Borderlandia, then, is a place of warmth and affection, tradition and devotion – and the dogs are part of that.”  I give public talks about art and art making to university students and public audiences.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review