You're My Butter Half Lapel Pin by Locally Mixed

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You’re My Butter Half Lapel Pin

Locally Mixed

1” - 2 pieces


You’re My Butter Half is an amazing way to say, “I am only complete with you by my side.” There’s much more to this image then you may know, the inspirational collaboration with Creative Suitcase and United Way here.


Get to Know the Austin Artist:

Everybody loves mail. And everybody in their right mind loves Austin. That's why we started Locally Mixed in 2008 – to bring all the hidden and iconic wonders of our city to you and your friends' mailboxes. Whether you're in Dubai or New Zealand, Iceland or the UK, Locally Mixed is bringing you the warmth and weirdness of Austin, TX.

Every purchase from Locally Mixed supports our local community. Not only do we credit and support local artists whose images you see on our products – but we also donate proceeds to local foundations. After all, arts and community are at the core of what this great city is all about.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review