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1916 Harley Davidson 8 Valve F Head Racer Print by Shan Fannin

Shan Fannin

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1916 Harley Davidson 8 Valve F Head Racer - Print
Shan Fannin
16”h x 12.75”w
20”h x 16"w matted
230 gsm premium archival matte paper Image
Unframed limited edition of 25 giclée print reproduced 

Although we travel as much as possible to photograph beautiful vehicles at events, my husband and I can’t see it all. Thankfully, there are phenomenal photographers all over the globe that catch vehicles that have character. One such photographer posted some of his work on the website Reddit, and my husband knew this motorcycle would be something I would enjoy painting. The photographer and I bartered and I created this painting. The patina on the gas tank is my favorite part of this work. I made most of those smudges with my fingertips and tiny brushes. The lighting was cloudy for the initial photo, so the metal work is rather dull. I believe this makes the gas tank stand out even more. I definitely see myself painting more aged vehicles in the future.
Each print is signed, dated, and numbered.
Includes Letter of Authenticity. 

Get to Know the Austin Artist:
Who are we when no one is looking? What is our history? Most of us go about our lives often concealing our inner selves from the world. One indication of our true personality, is the vehicle we drive and/or dream of someday owning.​
To me, what we drive are more than appliances to get us from Point A to B – they are mobile sculptures that reflect who we truly are. They give a hint of our cultural background, financial status, and personality. By interviewing owners, photographing, and then painting these vehicles, I capture a bit of these personalities onto canvas. I create visual stories of: that first motorcycle in high school, the classic family car that was driven on vacations, or the Italian sports car that we dream of owning. Vehicles are a subject that we can all relate to. No matter our differences, we all have a story that revolves around a car, motorcycle, or airplane.​
My paintings marry nostalgia for cars/motorcycles/airplanes with the love of art. I live for the moment when my work brings forth an emotional connection with my viewer. The greatest compliment I can receive is when a viewer not only appreciates the subject depicted, but shares memories of why the painting resonates with them on a personal level. -Shan Fannin



(No reviews yet) Write a Review