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Airstream - Postage Stamp Collage Print by Katie Conley

Katie Conley

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Product Overview

Spectacular Postage Stamp Collage Print  

Katie Conley

5” x 7” print, matted to 8” x 10”


Get to Know the Austin Artist: Katie Conley

Katie processes and appreciates life via her art, so she chooses subjects that are full of joy and color. She has lived in and traveled to many places in her life, and loves her city’s local foodie, music, and festival scene. Her family loves a good hike, especially when it ends up in a creek! Whether they’re at home in Austin or traveling in France, Italy, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, Greece, or the UK, Katie’s always on the lookout for a scene worth capturing—old buildings, unique vistas, and places that are full of story.  Inspiration is easy to find in France, Mexico, and Greece, but if you’re paying attention, beauty is at the farmer’s market, a neighborhood garden, or a party with friends.


Katie is an incredibly visual person, so ideas strike her often. She loves finding good composition already existing in her environment, and when she does, she snaps pictures with future paintings in mind.  Hundreds and hundreds of pictures. It may take decades for these photos to become the subject being put to canvas, but when they do, she gets to relive the moment that she captured all those years ago. The sounds, smells, and emotions come back to her as she paints, whether it’s warm bread and tangy Parisian cheese, or the salty air and waves crashing in Greece or Mexico. The excitement and energy of that time and place are available at the tip of her brush. She’s nostalgic about her pre-marriage and pre-children days, but loves capturing the family energy of a moment, too. Whatever is coming to the forefront in the studio, it’s fun to go back in time.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review