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Feeling Zesty Print by Maridad Studio

Maridad Studio

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Product Overview

Feeling Zesty Print
Maridad Studio
5” x 7” paper print
10”h x 8”w white mat

Each 8" x 10" illustration is printed on a textured watercolor-like paper, and fitted within a 5x7in framing mat board. A logo and title are printed beneath the illustration, which is covered by the mat board. Each art print is backed and supported with a sturdy board made of 100% recycled material and is sealed in a protective sleeve - Just remove the sleeve and place directly into any 8" x 10" frame!

Get to Know the Austin Artist:
My inspiration lies in the mundane and everyday actions that can remind people the beauty of being alive today. Food instills such a visceral memory of life, it connects people together


(No reviews yet) Write a Review