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Flower Clip-on Reusable Oil Diffuser by Lost Vly

Lost Vly

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Product Overview

Flower Clip-on Reusable Oil Diffuser
Lost Vly
Hand felted flowers

Do you love car fresheners but hate having to constantly buy more and trash the plastic left? These hand felted flowers allow you to reuse and "refill" as needed to keep your car always smelling fresh. Dab your favorite essential oil or scent onto the felt, clip onto your vent and take a deep breath in.

* Each diffuser comes with a gift bag and instructions included

Pro Tip: Keep your oils close and add more as needed!

Get to Know the Austin Artist:
Lost Vly, originally rooted in plant inspired jewelry and plushies, has grown to encompass a diverse palette of hand-stitched and hand-felted offerings. Lost Vly strives to bring back memories and make new ones through one of a kind pieces.
Lost Valley is a cumulation of intentional personalized accessories. From hand-embroidered hats to reusable car freshies, the founder KD focuses on creating and curating items that bring joy and hold purpose. Recently she has partnered with a handful of other small local businesses to broaden the Lost Vly experience. With handmade ceramic hat pins, custom floral hat pins and leather bands, you're sure to find the right fit for anyone.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review