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Frog Trio Planter by Leila Levinson

Hooting Buddha Ceramics

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Product Overview

Frog Trio Planter
Leila Levinson
Clay and glazes
Planter measures 6.5”long x 5.5”wide x 7.5”high

A hand formed planter with a trio of frogs in relief and moss green glaze with brown accents. 

Get to Know the Austin Artist:
I find my inspiration in nature, in the reptiles and birds of central Texas which became my home almost forty years ago, Perhaps growing up in urban New Jersey, amidst the oil refineries and scrap metal yards, the row houses framed by treeless streets endowed me with an appreciation for the natural beauty that Austin boasted in 1978 and still continues to hold onto.
The owls hooting outside my window, the anoles peeking from behind my mailbox, the pair of golden crested night herons nesting in my neighbor’s live oak tree grace my home and my life.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review