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Gardener Bot -Robots in Rowboats by Lauren Briere + Paper Print

Robots in Rowboats - Art by Lauren Briere

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Gardener Bot

Robots in Rowboats

Art by Lauren Briere

8" x 10" Paper Print


Get to Know the Austin Artist:

Lauren Briere, in her early 30s, watches too many movies and eats popcorn as a meal more often than not. She grew up in Wrentham, MA and got her BFA in illustration from MassArt in Boston. She works in Austin, TX now and runs multiple projects from home. Her professional artist's resume consists of work ranging from children’۪s book illustration, designer rain umbrellas “Over Our Heads”, animated music videos (two of which for the awesomely sweet band, The Weepies), and quirky painting series made for her own amusement. Robots. Lots and lots of robots.
Fun Fact about Lauren Briére: She watches at LEAST one movie a day that is usually an 80's action adventure or comedy.










(No reviews yet) Write a Review