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Nesting: In the Woods by Hallie Rae Ward

Hallie Rae Ward

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Nesting: In the Woods
Hallie Rae Ward
Mixed Media
12" diameter x 8”

Cabin in the Woods
Home is where the heart is.
Within the trees,
We find peace.
Look around
And all we see
is a flow of colors,
Cool and warm.
I feel one with nature.
This is where I want to be.
Nesting in nature,
With my cabin in the woods.


Get to Know the Austin Artist:
My name is Hallie Rae Ward. I am a visual art artist who creates Pure Art and a design line called HRW Designs. I am also the Art Business Director at Art for the People Gallery. My life is Positively Poppin’ and therefore my art has the same vibe! I intentionally move through life with creativity, activity, love, and drive. My energy is vibrant which is a combination of being artistic, athletic, outgoing, passionate, and lover of nature and beings.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review