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Not Everything That Holds You Down is Yours to Carry by Michelle Rahbar

Michelle Rahbar

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Not Everything That Holds You Down is Yours to Carry
Michelle Rahbar
Oil + acrylic on canvas
30" x 30"

What is home for us?
Throughout our lives, we kind of have to reframe the idea of home. And I've found home in so many new places all over the country, but it's also a place that I carry inside of me, and I try to express that through my work.


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Get to Know the Austin Artist:
I'm a local Austin artist who's happiest when covered in paint working in my East Side studio. I'm a member of the new art collective Bolm Arts, and I'm a proud mom to a very inspiring 8 year old. I make curiously strange mixed media paintings that bring to life magical figures that act as gatekeepers to places of transformation. I’m inspired by my travels, spirit animals, dreams and personal history. I like to make work that’s slow to reveal itself. Layered stories.

Making art is how I make sense of the world. According to scientists, our first two decades seem to pass as slowly as the rest of our lives, so that our early experiences carry vastly more psychic weight than those of adulthood. If this is true then all the landscapes, whispers, meteor showers and memories I’ve witnessed have left their indelible mark on my work.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review