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Purple Finches Puzzle by Eli Halpin

Eli Halpin

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Purple Finches Puzzle

Eli Halpin

500 pieces

27.5”l x 19.70”t


Bird lovers will delight in putting together Eli Halpin's bright illustration featuring a darling house and it's adorable feathered occupants! Each puzzle activity features unique illustrations by top artists. With 500 pieces to put into place within the masterpiece, this is sure to keep you both entertained and challenged. This is a great solo pursuit or good fun for a crowd or family to enjoy together. With 500 pieces each, our puzzles are both entertaining and challenging.


***Shipping in the continental US is $15. Please contact us if you have any questions about the art and/or shipping.



Eli Halpin grew up in Alaska and now lives and paints full time in Austin Texas. Her focus is on animal face expressions while enjoying and celebrating their paws, cheeks, whiskers, claws, hooves, antlers, horns and tusks.  Eli uses thick oil paint and she loves to add acrylic, paper, metal leaf, spray paint, fabric, lace, ribbons, gemstones, sparkles, shells, crushed glass, beads, sand, mica, and pearls. Eli paints on wooden painting surfaces made with maple, birch and masonite in addition to hand crafted stretched canvases. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review