Spectacular Soy & Coconut Wax Candles by 7th Street Candle Co

7th Street Candle Co

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Spectacular Soy & Coconut Wax Candles

7th Street Candle Co

Special blend of soy and coconut wax

Cotton wick &  essential oils

 16 oz

Citrus Lavender Candle - This candle is floral and zesty. Perfect for someone who loves lavender (it's harder to find someone who doesn't lol). The lavender is grown, harvested, and dried by an organic Texan farm. The oranges are also sourced from an organic farm but they are sliced and dried by 7th Street Candle Co. Fragrance notes: lavender, sweet orange , frankincense.

Eucalyptus Rose - Eucalyptus + Rose = Divine

Gardenia Mint - This candle is sweet and sultry like a summer evening. perfect for someone who likes florals but is looking for something truly unique. adding peppermint and orange mint from our garden brings out gardenia's green and fruity undertones. We also infuse black peppercorn which  creates depth.

Lemon Rosemary - This candle is zingy and bright. Perfect for someone who enjoys fresh or forest-y fragrances. The rosemary is hand-picked by Audrey & I in Austin Texas. The meyer lemons are sourced fresh from a Texan organic farm and then sliced and dried in house at 7th Street Candle Co.

 All of 7th Street Candle Co’s signature candles are made with with a special blend of soy and coconut wax & house-dried aromatics. The wax is sustainably-farmed and clean-burning. 7th Street Candle Co uses essential oils, naturally derived fragrance oils, and garden ingredients to scent the candles. They pick and dry a lot of the aromatics here at their home.  many of the ingredients are grown in their own garden or sourced from organic farms in Texas.


Get to Know the Austin Makers of 7th Street Candle Co: Audrey & Zaid

We’re the makers behind 7th Street Candle Co.

All of this was born from a curiosity about nature. As we delve deeper into the practice, we’re able to learn more about the crazy aromatic plants that grow here in Texas. Creating beautiful, natural fragrances that breathe life into your space - that’s the goal!

In all of our candles, we call attention to the origin of the aroma through visual embellishments. When we aren’t pouring candles, we enjoy playing with our dog Henri and going to the farmer’s markets in town. We are excited to meet you, and to show you our craft.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review