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The Bird Bingo Card by Emily Tolipova of Where'd The Wild Things Go

Where’d The Wild Things Go

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Product Overview

The Bird Bingo Card
Where’d The Wild Things Go
Emily Tolipova
6” x 6”

The Bird Bingo card is a playful yet educational tool jam packed with information. It encourages locals and visitors to explore Austin in a unique way while learning about its rich bird biodiversity. Each card features Emily’s beautiful bird illustrations, making it an interactive artwork as much as a game and a piece that perfectly encapsulates Austin’s vibrant art scene. 

Get to Know the Austin Artist:
Emily Tolipova is the interdisciplinary creative behind Where’d The Wild Things Go, a passion project turned business. What started as a series of postcards highlighting endangered species has since evolved into a wonderland of cards, prints, and so much more! Emily pulls inspiration from the world around her and can often be found outside enjoying hikes, scouring the hills for fun geocaches, or stopping to take pictures of all the interesting creatures that abound.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review