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Tiger Sticker by Kathyphantastic


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Product Overview

Tiger Sticker

Kathy Phan

Sticker size: 2.54" x 3"

This sticker is durable and waterproof. Show what you love on your laptop, water bottle, or anything!

Printed in USA


This Year of the Tiger matte vinyl sticker was created from a hand-painted watercolor illustration by Kathy Phan from kathyphantastic.


Get to Know the Austin Artist:

Kathy Phan is a pet portrait, illustration, and lettering artist based in Austin, Texas.  She enjoys the use of color to bring out the character, dimension, and texture of her animal subjects.  With a background in marketing and Asian American studies, Kathy paints both on-trend millennial foodie subjects such as avocado toast and rosé as well as Asian food that is popularized in the US as a result of immigration and the Asian diaspora. Her kathyphantastic products include watercolor pet portraits, pet portraits on ceramics, paper goods, stickers, and magnets.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review